Solterra Pavers

With school just around the corner for most of Colorado's kids, some schools are preparing their campuses for students in different ways.  Tollgate Elementary in Aurora is remeditating the outside of the school.  One of them is using Borgert's Aquabric permeable paver in portions of the school to address stormwater run off.  

The Aquabric has a unique joint that is expanded to 1/4 of an inch whereas a standard paver joint is 1/16".  The base and bedding layer are also quite different from standard pavers.  Rather than using a road base and sand, there is gradations of rock that range from large pieces in the 2" range down to 1/4" pieces.  This gradation allows for water to infiltrate through the voids which not only keeps water from pooling on the surface but acts as a filter that can remove some of the pollutants that can be in the water. Because these systems are so versatile, water can either be filtered directly into the ground or it can be directed to other places such as a water harvesting system or even an existing storm drainage system.

Tollgate Elementary is not totally complete yet but should be prior to the start of the school year.  

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