Installation Process

How the Installation Process Works:

  1. We excavate the area being paved of any grass, dirt or existing concrete
  2. Then we lay and compact the base material which consists of a recycled concrete roadbase. The depth of the roadbase varies by job, but typically a driveway will have a depth of 8”-12” and walkways, patios and pool decks will have a depth of 4”-6” deep.
  3. We then spread coarse concrete sand and screed to a uniform depth of 1”-1½” thick.
  4. After the sand is laid, the pavers are placed in desired pattern and cut where necessary to fit. We use 2 3/8” thick pavers for most residential applications and 3” thick pavers for commercial vehicles.
  5. Installation of the edge restraint/concrete toe comes next.
  6. The pavers are then compacted into the sand bed with a plate compactor.
  7. We then sweep dry sand into joints and compact it once again. This process is repeated until the joints are full.

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