Why Use Pavers?

Pavers come in a wide range of colors and textures which offers a multitude of possibilities to customize your project. 

Pavers are manufactured to the highest standards per American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).  They have an average psi of at least 8,000 and which is approximately four times stronger than concrete and ten to twenty times stronger than asphalt.

Pavers are designed to limit moisture absorption, which could cause traditional paving methods to lift and crack.  Therefore frost damage is virtually non-existent as the joints between the pavers absorb the damaging powers of frost by flexing and not cracking.

Pavers make maintenance of underground utilities easier.  Pavers can be pulled up for easy access to whatever utilities are underneath and the same pavers can be replaced which can save thousands in long term repair costs and you don’t have the unsightly patch work that can be seen in other pavements.

Pavers can be shoveled and plowed without the need for special attachments or equipment. Because of the way they are designed, pavers can withstand the scraping of any shovel blade and despite the misconception, the shovel or plow does not get stuck in the joints, it glides over it just like it is regular concrete or asphalt.